Fine Art Trade Guild - May's Seminars and Workshop

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Fine Art Trade Guild - May's Seminars and Workshop

Post by span2iels » Thu 14 Apr, 2016 4:56 pm

Fine Art Trade Guild - May Seminars/Workshop

As part of the Guild’s continuing education programme there are two seminars and a workshop being held in Stratford upon Avon on May7th. These are a contributory part of the Continuing Professional Development(CPD) It is the aim of the Framing Committee to ask an high profile speaker to present at this keynote event which coincides with the Guild’s Awards Convention.

Building on last year’s highly successful seminar/workshop by Joanna Kosek - Head of Pictorial Art Conservation at the British Museum this year’s speak is Susie Clark PACR ICON. Susie is a world renowned photographic conservator. Susie will give two seminars the first on “Conservation issues of photographs in passepartout and presentation cases” and the second, ‘The conservation of the world’s earliest photographs: an investigation of the frames and the reframing process.’ See below.

Recently, Susie was a member of a team of researchers who worked on a trio of rare images “dating back to the genesis of photography” by the world’s first photographer Frenchman Joseph Nicéphore Niépce (7 March 1765 - 5 July 1833), Niépce called his images “heliographs” which were taken in the 1820s. For those interested in this research and especially the frames towards the end of this video please click on this link.

The workshop is on the subject of ‘Non-Adhesive support of artwork’ specifically tailored to that of photographs.

For further booking information please see; ... -1010.aspx
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