i-FRAMER Software UK Release

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i-FRAMER Software UK Release

Post by i-framer » Tue 24 Jan, 2017 12:48 pm

Hi Framers,

For the past 6 months we have had a proactive group of framers testing and utilising i-FRAMER within their daily business operations to ensure it was UK compatible.

We recently created the supplier portal and are now working with your suppliers to ensure we have all their price lists. The Supplier Portal gives your Supplier the ability to maintain prices, new additions, discontinues, create .csv files for other pricing software, and interact with your purchase orders that are raised through the i-FRAMER platform.

Please note that not all Suppliers may use this, and i-FRAMER will happily maintain their price lists. If at anytime you come across any discrepancies please contact your supplier and i-FRAMER, so we confirm and check the item/s.

The current suppliers and price files we currently have are as below;

Arqadia- All items
Ashworth & Thompson Ltd - Moulding and Matboard
Centrado - All Items
DJ Simons - Mouldings
Frinton Mouldings - Mouldings
FW Holroyd Pty Ltd - Mouldings
Lion Picture Framing Supplies - Moulding and Matboard
Mainline Mouldings - Moulding and Matboard
Nielsen Bainbridge - All items
Wessex - Moulding, Backing, glass

Please note that i-FRAMER has been creating some of these files from scratch for the Suppliers, as the supplier files were incomplete or non existent. This all takes time, but we will continue to work with suppliers and ensure that all price lists are available to all i-FRAMER customers.

Also, anyone who wishes to trial i-FRAMER is welcome to do so and we are extending the 30 day trial until 01/04/2017.

For those who wish to come across from other software, we do have an import function for Framiac, so you don't have to worry about losing your customer history.
As the demand grows we will create imports for other software you may currently be using.

Anyone wishing to view an online live demonstration can Skype :i-FRAMER (Cairns) or we could set up a Google Hangout.

Please feel free to leave any queries, requests, or comments as we are glad to hear from you.

i-FRAMER Pty Ltd.
[email protected]

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