Condition Reports - A Conservation Requirement

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Condition Reports - A Conservation Requirement

Post by span2iels » Mon 23 Apr, 2018 8:30 pm

Condition Reports - A Conservation Requirement

As you will note from Tudor Rose’s posting I shall be giving a combined seminar/workshop at the Guild’s Art and Framing Convention on 12th May. This seminar/workshop is in association with Colourmount.
The seminar will outline ‘Why Objects deteriorate’, then discuss ‘Conservation Principles’ in relation to the Guild’s Five levels of Framing, before moving onto Normal Conditions and Condition Reports. The workshop will involve groups compiling a non-intrusive Condition Report on various items of old artwork and fabrics.

I have written a number of Read, Reflect and Learn articles that accompany this seminar which are available on my web-site, specifically:
RRL-018 ‘Why Objects Deteriorate’
RRL-020 ‘Damage Mechanisms in a Nutshell’
RRL-021 ‘Damage Effects and Deterioration’
These can be accessed by following this link (it does work!),-reflect,-learn

I hope that I meet some FF members at the event.


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