Cutting drymount tissue (illustrated)

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Cutting drymount tissue (illustrated)

Post by John » Thu 26 Aug, 2004 11:05 am

Here’s another “one I made earlier.”

When cutting material to use in your press you can minimise waste by ensuring that you accurately measure and cut.

It is not difficult to construct a rack to hold the rolls, they don’t have to look great to serve their function, as you can see.

Two straight lengths of a flat profiled moulding are placed at right angles to the tissue and set close together to act as a guide when cutting with a knife.

In most cases you can use the object itself to measure the length to be cut directly– no ruler necessary.

Just run a sharp blade along the guide to make the cut.

Hard-bed Press
If you use a hard-bed press life is much easier when your bench is level with the bed of the press.

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