Band saw trick

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Band saw trick

Post by Not your average framer » Fri 31 Jul, 2020 4:33 pm

Hi folks, Here's a photo three bits of moulding glued and pinned together, make a deep box frame moulding. It's nothing particularly serious, but just to demonstrate something that you can do when you can't get exactly what you want by any other means. These three mouldings have been trimmed flush of the band saw and given a light bit of sanding of a bench top sander. It's not something worth doing normally, in fact it's a bit tedious. It just to show everyone has useful a band saw can be.
The rebate depth is 38mm, the overall moulding height is 43mm, the overall mouding width is 24mm and the thickness of the moulding from inside the rebate to the outside edge is16mm. This has not been finished and the three difference grains of the individual pieces of wood should still be discernible, but the join between the different pieces of wood is completely smooth and if painted would not be detectable through the paint. Also the rebate is nice and flush inside all the way from the rear face, right up to the back of the site edge.

What the lesson? Band saws produce a lot better sawn finish than most people realise!
Mark Lacey

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