Applying Gilding to a Contemporary Moulding

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Applying Gilding to a Contemporary Moulding

Post by vintage frames » Thu 29 Oct, 2020 1:13 pm

After polishing up the surface, the bevels have now been gilded with both 22ct gold leaf and silver leaf.
As can be seen, no attempt was made to mask out the bevels. This was because the leaf was laid by the process of water-gilding. This is where the bevels were wetted with water and the leaf plonked on top. As the water soaked in, it drew down the leaf onto the gilded surface. And the further advantage being that the excess gild is easily removed by a light sanding.
The beauty of using real gold for this exercise is shown in the following two photographs.
The first photo shows how the gild defines the artwork when seen by looking 'head on'.
The second shows the moulding when viewed from the side.
Here the gleam of light from the gold will illuminate the image set in the frame.
Next job is to create a 'Dutch Black' ebonised finish on two of the samples and a traditional wood finish on the third.

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Re: Applying Gilding to a Contemporary Moulding

Post by JFeig » Thu 29 Oct, 2020 1:58 pm

There is nothing better than "real" burnished gold water gilding.
Jerome Feig CPF®

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