Decorating a Mount using a CMC.

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Decorating a Mount using a CMC.

Post by FramingAskew » Fri 20 Jun, 2014 10:05 pm

Just wondered if any framers out there had any good advice for decorating s mount using a Computerised Mountcutter, particularly what is best to use, pens or pencils, and any particular type of pen that gives a nice clean line etc. Having a little bit of trouble with our machine writing on mounts so any advice would be much appreciated. Thankyou!!


Re: Decorating a Mount using a CMC.

Post by markw » Sat 21 Jun, 2014 8:50 am

What CMC do you have?
Number of ways to decorate - drawn lines - deboss lines - V grooves - painted mount lip.
For drawn lines i have recently started to use Uni Posca pens - these give a solid 1mm line and you can get good results on darker colour boards - sometimes have to repeat the lines to build up sufficient pigment. For paler subtler lines i use Staedtler Mars Graphic 3000 although personally I don't like the results I get from paler pens - prefer to do it by hand with watercolour. Painted lip seems like an odd thing to list as a cmc decorative effect but its achieved by masking the board before you cut the mount - giving you a easy to paint or guild edge to your cut mount - can be a very effective and relatively simple addition.
V grooves obvious but nice effect as are open v grooves. Cutting a panel from the the mount - decorating then reinserting into the mount is also nice and easy on a cmc due to the accuracy of the cut - can be really effective and surprisingly easy to create marble like finishes with a bit of practice.
Deboss is another subtle but effective finish - if set lightly can be used as guide for pinlines - but then thats going back to a hand finish.

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Re: Decorating a Mount using a CMC.

Post by Not your average framer » Wed 25 Jun, 2014 9:42 pm

I don't have a CMC, but I would just like to echo much of Mark's comments above and to point out how quick and easy many of the hand finishing ideas he has mentioned can be after a relatively limited amount of practice.

Decorating and reinserting a panel back into the mount is a particularly useful technique to create simple, but great results in only a few minutes.

All you need is two, or three simple techniques which you can quickly execute to a good standard and you will soon be able to create some really effective and elegant decorated mounts.

Mark Lacey

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