CMC work bench!!

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Re: CMC work bench!!

Post by Roboframer » Thu 21 Aug, 2014 10:32 pm

Merlin wrote: If you have put oversized boards in, you will be told to change the blade depth and blade head(ie 90 degree - if you wish) and it will cut the external in one pass.
That's not so easy face up with the boards bonded together because you'd have to place the adhesive very accurately, you wouldn't want any on the reveals and if you wanted to keep the fall-outs and/or the offcuts, you wouldn't want any on those either.

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Re: CMC work bench!!

Post by prospero » Fri 22 Aug, 2014 12:15 am

Thanks for the gen guys. :D

I forgot about ciggie card mounts. That is a definite one-up for the CMC. :yes: The last one I did was about 1991.

btw. When I used the word 'fancy', it wasn't in any way a put-down. Just couldn't think of another word. I was just thinking that some mounts I've seen were obviously done purely to show off the capabilities of a CMC. Framers may dribble over them but non-framing folks look at things in a different way.

jus' sayin'. :wink:

8) Thick mounts. That's another one-up.
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