Dueling banjos

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Dueling banjos

Postby David McCormack » Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:29 pm

In another thread there is discussion of the merits of hand finishing moulding to look like driftwood against buying factory finished moulding.

It makes me think of the Burt Reynolds film Deliverance directed by John Boorman.

There is a scene were their canoe goes over a rocky waterfall and the Burt Reynolds character is thrown out and nearly drowned.

John Boorman wanted to use a dummy to shoot the scene but Reynolds said “it will look just like a dummy in a canoe” and insisted on doing the stunt himself wanting it to look realistic.

Boorman reluctantly agreed and so Reynolds went over the waterfall in the canoe. He was thrown out into the raging rapids and was tossed about and nearly drowned and ended up with a broken coccyx! When he was safely back on dry land he said to Boorman, feeling pleased with himself, “well, how did that look?”

John Boorman replied “just like a dummy in a canoe!”

FWIW, I look like a dummy in a canoe... I'm in the hand finishing camp :giggle:
"You know, there's a right and wrong way to do everything!"
Oliver Hardy.
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