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It's slowed down

Post by Roboframer » Fri 29 Aug, 2008 10:16 pm

Hasn't it?

Definitely not as busy as it used to be not too long ago - may be just a phase - don't know if it's down to the server, but I think it's slowed since it changed.

Personally I've binned quite a few topics/replies because I've been timed out and asked to log in before I can post - I've done the cookies thing - and it's still happened - no way am I going to re-type and copy to word just incase. It works or it doesn't!

The shoutbox is dead.

Several members have 'died' - OK some of us know the reasons for some - but even the topics lately have been pretty dull - nothing has come up to generate a 'classic'

So, tonight I thought I'd start a topic in every forum - hopefully not all just for the sake of it - how's about everyone does that - even if just for the sake of it.

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Re: It's slowed down

Post by Bill Henry » Fri 29 Aug, 2008 10:44 pm

I haven’t noticed any slow down here. I've found The Framers Forum to be very stable.

I just switched to FireFox, and while it may be my imagination, it seems a bit faster than Explorer or Navigator.

It may be your server rather than the one running the Forum.

Or, it may be your broadband. What kind of connection do you have? DSL, cable, FiOS? DSL speed is notoriously inconsistent, and cable slows down when other people are sharing the “pipe”.
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Re: It's slowed down

Post by Roboframer » Fri 29 Aug, 2008 11:11 pm

Well if it's my server then my server don't like the one wot runs this forum!

I'm regularly logged out - and when you've just uploaded 3 photos (I can't upload more than 3 photos) - then realise you have to upload them in reverse order for them to make any sense - then do that - submit and get told to log in, when you were to start with.

It's not funny.

And it's not happening anywhere else.

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Re: It's slowed down

Post by prospero » Sat 30 Aug, 2008 3:36 am

Look outside. There might be a jackdaw perched on the phoneline. :o

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Including Images (again)

Post by John » Sat 30 Aug, 2008 7:54 am

Placing a single image at the bottom of your post is probably fine.

But multiple images placed after your text in a solid block does not look good.
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It is much better to "Place Inline" after uploading the image.
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That way you have more control over how your post is laid out.
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And, as you can see.
More than three!
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There is no restriction on the number of images that you can include.
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Re: It's slowed down

Post by Roboframer » Sat 30 Aug, 2008 8:29 pm

Ah - bugger, must pay more attention!

But I still got logged out twice reaching this final topic.


Re: It's slowed down

Post by Roboframer » Sat 30 Aug, 2008 11:26 pm

This is how the last posts read as I type this ......

8:32 pm - me
8:15 pm - me
9:22 pm - me
1:59 am - Prospero
2:15 am - Prospero
9:40 pm - me
4:20 pm - Bill Henry
6:53 pm - Prospero
2:51 am - Prospero
3:07 am - Prospero
8:29 pm - me.

We want you, we want you, we want you as a new recruit!

Pretty dismal response overall to a new topic in each forum - plus a member of the FATG's framers' committee has joined in and only two of us have said 'hi'!

Someone come up with summut to get our teeth in to - whatever 'our' means these days.

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Re: It's slowed down

Post by WelshFramer » Sun 31 Aug, 2008 10:39 am

How does the 'view new messages' button work?

I didn't visit the forum yesterday (Saturday) but this morning there were only 7 topics with new messages listed. Maybe that's correct but it seems a bit low.

I guess I could view older thread to see if there were any posting I's missed but with my memory they'd probably mostly seem new however many times I'd read them.

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