keep geting logged out

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keep geting logged out

Post by mikeysaling » Sat 10 Mar, 2012 5:14 pm

I like to stay logged in all day - recently i keep getting logged out - is this my isp tiscali dropping the ball somewhere or have others had the same prob?

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Re: keep geting logged out

Post by JohnMcafee » Sat 10 Mar, 2012 5:51 pm

Tiscali assigns IPs dynamically as lots of ISP's do, however like AOL they go a step further and will sometimes change your IP address while you are online and logged in to the forum. The forum takes umbrage at this mid session IP change as it thinks that perhaps you have been hijacked by some scallywag, so promptly logs you out.

The forum has always behaved in this way. Maybe Tiscali have recently shortened the IP swap interval or something.
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Re: keep geting logged out

Post by johnwphotography » Sun 11 Mar, 2012 10:43 pm

I am not sure whether this is the same issue as Mikeys or not. Since way before Christmas my internet connection regularly dropped out , IP address recognition, switch wireless router off for 10 seconds and restart several times a session. Tiring of this dash up the stairs I went through my windows service updates from the control panel to find several labelled as important that had not succesfully installed. It was quite easy to fix with help windows. Life is now back to normal, but I do speak to lots of people who have similar problems. Hope this helps.

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