How to… Replace the Cooling Fan

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The Jolly Good Framer #1

How to… Replace the Cooling Fan

Post by The Jolly Good Framer #1 » Fri 21 Aug, 2009 10:09 am

Well, when I say ‘How To’ its more of a ‘What I Did’
How I replaced my noisy/dead cooling fan.

Ok, so the cooling fan in the control box of my Valiani mat pro was getting very noisy. But when it started to sound like a small diesel engine I thought it was time for a new one.

The tools I used were a posi-drive screwdriver and 7mm spanner or a small adjustable spanner. (I also used a soldering iron and a pair of pliers but that was for a little extra that I will explain about later)

I got a new cooling fan from an internet retailer for £12.47 (inc del and VAT)
The fan needs to be a 240v 120mm

First of all I switched everything off and unplugged the control box from the mains (safety first!) and opened the control box door. The cooling fan is attached to the inside of the door.

At the bottom left corner of the fan I unplugged the two spade connectors that supply the power to the fan. (I made a note of which connector went where)

Next I took off the vent cover and the filter from the front of the door (I also took the opportunity to give the filter a clean!)
This then revels the heads of the 4 bolts that fixes the fan to the door. I undid the nuts/bolts and the fan came off.

I then took off the finger guard from the old fan and fitted it to the new fan and then bolted the new fan to the door.
Last of all I plugged the power spade connectors back in place and replaced the filter and vent cover.
I closed the door and powered up… aaaahhhh sooooo quiet!

Job done. :clap:

Now, the business with the soldering iron. The fan that I got didn't have the spade connectors already fitted – it just had two loose wires.
So all I did was take the spade connectors off the old fan and solder the two wires from the new fan to it.
So its worth finding a fan that has the spade connectors already fitted. You can get them.

Just as a quick disclaimer – If you use this information as a guide to replace your fan and it all goes wrong please don’t blame me!


Re: How to… Replace the Cooling Fan

Post by markw » Fri 21 Aug, 2009 10:55 am

Fan from Maplin fits and has the correct spade fitting. You can buy them from Maplin on line for about £15. I can send you one for £70 and still undercut the most obvious way of getting one.

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Re: How to… Replace the Cooling Fan

Post by Jonny2morsos » Fri 21 Aug, 2009 11:45 am

Thanks guys. Now printed off and put with the manual.


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Re: How to… Replace the Cooling Fan

Post by Keith » Mon 31 Aug, 2009 1:18 am


Just out of interest what is the wattage of the fan, I've often wondered what the power consumption of the cutter is when the machine is idle.

Thanks Keith

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Re: How to… Replace the Cooling Fan

Post by Merlin » Mon 31 Aug, 2009 11:28 am

From the specs that I have the cooling fan is rated at 0.18 Amps.

does that help ?

If the machine is sitting idle for any length of time. Then just use the 'Emergency' Stop button to put the system into Standby mode. You are not using any electricity then.
John GCF

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Re: How to… Replace the Cooling Fan

Post by Keith » Tue 01 Sep, 2009 8:57 am

Thanks John, It didn't cross my mind to do that !!


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Re: How to… Replace the Cooling Fan

Post by Fruitini » Tue 12 Jan, 2021 10:29 am

Very useful walk through of this process I just had to undertake after my fan gave up on me. Very quick replacement sourced through TGS Repairs. However on following the tips above my replacement fan still didn't work. The failing fan had blown the fuse inside the brains. There is a bank of fuses inside the unit and the very right hand one labelled 230 needed replacing with a chunky 1A fuse. A happy Valiani once more. Thanks to Jamie at TGS for the fuse advice.

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