Using Slope Box Designer values with a Wizard

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Using Slope Box Designer values with a Wizard

Postby kev@frames » Wed May 26, 2010 10:19 pm

Overview: Why do you want to use a third party utility, when you can design a cove mount/slope sided box quickly and simply using Wizard Mat Designer (or the unfortunately named WMD, as it will henceforth be known) .... Simple answer. John's slope sided box designer does all that working out for you. Less trial end error fiddling about and calculating/guessing depths etc. Then it is a simple matter to enter the values it gives you into a WMD template.

First have a look at this video. It shows you how to make a slope box template of your own from scratch in wizard mat designer:

Or you can download a template to play with from this sub-forum's Designs section

Once you have designed a slope box insert using the slope box designer, you can enter the values it gives you into wizard mat designer once you have loaded the template (called cove-1-licensed)

so create a template as shown in the video, or as described by Sam elsewhere on this forum, or open the cove-1 wizard mat template:

First set the matboard size
Materials size in slope box designer = Matboard size in WMD

S in slope box designer = Reveals value in Layer 1 and Height value in Layer 2/Parameters in WMD (set both to the same value)

C in box designer = width value in Layer 2/Parameters in WMD

X and Y in box designer = Width/height values in Dimensions in WMD

These values will replicate the design generated in slope sided box designer. (You do not need to save any PLT files, just press the Cut button and proceed to the cut screen (cutting engine) and cut the mat.

Cut from the back
Cut layer1 as a score-line by setting blade to a bit less than your usual v-groove setting. Cut Layer 2 as a full depth cut.
experiment with reverse bevels depending on your box angles

please note- this will only cut on a machine running licensed wizard mat designer software.
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Re: Using Slope Box Designer values with a Wizard

Postby WelshFramer » Sun May 30, 2010 11:18 am

Thanks for that, Kev, I'll be trying it out soon.
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