Creating a tray as a frame liner

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Creating a tray as a frame liner

Postby markw » Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:21 pm

Trays are very simple to make using the Valiani to cut the shape. They are useful as the background for objects – shadow or float mounts.

The first thing you need to determine is the size of your tray – an obvious question but you need to determine some of the factors from the moulding that you are using – basically the maximum depth that you fit into the frame – allowing for glass and backing (gb) board (normally about 4.5 – 5mm). I will assume that we are working with a deep box moulding with a rebate depth of 20mm. From the 20mm subtract the gb figure and a fold allowance of 1mm (standard thickness board) = 6mm – giving you a tray depth of up to 14mm – if your framing an object check that you have enough depth.

To design the tray within Future Mat Designer you need to open a new mat. I always like to have a mat size that’s slightly bigger than the design – it allows you to see the design away from the window edge. So for a tray 200mm x 300mm add the width of the edges 14mm + 14mm =28mm + 20mm boundary space+.5mm for fold allowance. So your mat size is x 348.5mm.

First shape is inserted using the corners function (insert rectangle with corners). Tick the box at bottom of screen to select equal borders – then insert 10mm (that’s the border allowance) double click on C 001 step.ica corner. This will put a step cornered rectangle on the mat spaced 10mm from edges. You will now need to adjust the width of the step to 14mm. Do this in the corners control panel on the right of the screen – change the x and y factor to 14 then select the all corners option button.
Now insert a square shape spaced 13.5mm equally on all edges – make sure the V groove option button is selected for this shape. (.5mm fold allowance on all edges makes this figure 13.5 – allowing the area inside to be correct size when folded ).

Cut board face down – make sure that the v groove is as deep as it will go – without cutting right through the board. When cut fold the sides in and tape on the corners – always better to cut your moulding after you have created the box – you can then allow for any minor size aberrations caused by the folds.

You can cut trays to any depth – the allowances are common as they cover the depth of the board and space taken by the folds. Just add these factors to you custom size.

On very deep trays – allow for packing out the edges with foamcore – this will help stiffen the tray and give support to the back.

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Re: Creating a tray as a frame liner

Postby Merlin » Mon Apr 27, 2009 7:42 pm

Roboframer wrote:My question/doubt has been answered regards the removal of the corners and the strength of the fold, and maybe the machine can be programmed to cut the corners as I described, to leave a useful flap to wrap around the sides. Could it :?:

Indeed it can John. The following is a screen image taken from the FutureMatDesigner.
To explain the screen. On the left hand side is the 'Design area' whilst on the right hand side is the 'Properties area'. The design you see is one of many hundreds taken from the Valiani Standard Library.

The outline -coloured Yellow- in the Design area could either be cut with a 45 degree bevel or a 90 degree cut. Your choice.
The interior lines - Coloured Lilac - should be set to V groove cut.

The outline - coloured Green - in the Properties area, shows you just what control you have available to you. In this example I have amended corner 2 (top right) and corner 4 (bottom right) as having different X and Y parameters from Corners 1 and 3.

Once cut the only thing that you would have to do is complete the slice to make the flap.
tray liner2.jpg

This took about 4 minutes to do that included taking the screen shot, importing into Photoshop and adding text/arrows and resizing.
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Re: Creating a tray as a frame liner

Postby carter2 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 10:06 am

Hey thanx for the info.
I was looking for it :clap:

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