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Corel Trace > PLT > Mount

Posted: Mon 07 Sep, 2009 7:27 pm
by Merlin
This was posted some years ago on the Forum.

A local acquired this image whilst on holiday and brought it into the shop with the statement. "I want a mount around the picture please - that follows the coast line"

The statement of 'I am a picture framer not a magician' came to mind. However the mouth took over and it came out as "Of course Madam, please give me 10 days".
Sorry the right hand side is missing !!!

The image was scanned as a .JPEG image and imported into Corel Draw 9.
Converted into a Bitmap and Traced.
I then saved the tracing into a .PLT file and went to work sorting out the -what seemed like 1000's of nodes. Removing lots of them and smoothing others.

The .PLT was imported into FMD and using the 'Concentric Circles' icon I placed a second image at 20mm. The original .PLT import was deleted.

The whole process was a learning curve. However, the result was quite stunning.
Well so I thought. The said lady was also impressed as I ended up doing 4 more coastline mounts for her.

Re: Corel Trace > PLT > Mount

Posted: Tue 15 Sep, 2009 12:00 pm
by Steve N
Nice one John, and thanks for the "how to" as well