Multiple mounts (sizes)

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Multiple mounts (sizes)

Post by Tom Chambers » Sun 04 Nov, 2018 3:02 pm

Trying out Estlite and have a question about when I am creating a job with double mounts. I can see where to add colour codes for mounts and then below where you add mount widths, how do people use this for double mounts? Do you just put the bottom mount widths, top mount widths, or the difference between them. Cannot find anything in help to answer this and have looked through forum but could not see anything.


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Re: Multiple mounts (sizes)

Post by JohnMcafee » Mon 05 Nov, 2018 4:07 pm

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Hi Tom,
Top Sides Bottom on this screen refers to the mount width and not whether the mount is single, double, triple, etc.
This page describes the job to be done, it is for information/descriptive purposes only, nothing you enter in this page will affect the price in any way.
You price a double mount on the main page of EstLite by placing a 2 in the Mount box (the fourth box down from the top). Then in the details screen (above) you describe the double mount. In this example, the double mount comprises two colours: 12 over 35.
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