deep box clock frame - help needed please

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deep box clock frame - help needed please

Post by daveym » Sun 16 Jun, 2019 1:19 am

I'm currently making a prototype deep box clock frame. There are tabs within the frame that can be seen and would need to be removed as originally this was a 25mm deep box frame but I'm reducing the depth by 5mm to accomodate the clock movement part into the backing board. In a previous post recently I have asked about alternatives to econospacers as I need a 20mm thick spacer running around the inside so as to place the backboard with clock movement to which would allow the clock movement to sit pretty much flush on a wall and also keep the dials away from the front.

I've hit a couple of stumbling blocks so far. The clock movement includes a hanging feature as seen, but it does say that maximum weight of clock should be no more than 500g and the overall weight of this is about 650 grams, so there could be too much pressure on the clock movement. I therefore I wanted alternative methods to hang this that wouldn't involve to much work or money and that can be hung using something on the actual backing board and not the outer frame as it is made of fibreboard. I can't use anything like a razor hanger as anything with screws or hammered into the fibreboard just turns it to mush. I've tried working the screws so as to be as gentle as possible but once inserted into the fibreboard you can feel there is no strength to hold it in place and it would eventually just come out. This leaves me with only the backing board to use as a possible way of placing something but so far cannot find anything online for backing boards. There is approx 15mm distance between the surface of backing board and the back of the frame so in effect 15mm to the wall if hung flush. Is there anything suitable to use?

Whilst i'd like to use a glass front for this clock the overall weight would just be too much so have to opt for a plastic front. One problem I'm getting is static. When I think I've got the front pretty clean and then place the backing of clock together I can see new dust accumulate. Would an anti-static vinyl record brush do the trick or is there anything more suitable?
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