Frameless display - joining of panels

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Frameless display - joining of panels

Post by Adam » Sat 24 Apr, 2021 6:41 pm

Hi to all!

I am interested in standoffs kits for double-glass (acrylic) frameless display in a floating style.

The trick is that I must arrange elements between two 4mm thick acrylic panels first, without using double-sided tape to fix them, and then press 2 panels together so the displayed elements are straight and do not fall out. Such product is subsequently sent to my client and only THEN she or he can mount it on the wall.

Usually, the standoffs are attached to the wall first and only then the 2 panels are assembled together while mounting them on the wall.

I cannot use any clips fixed on the edges neither (clips which would hold two panels temporality together until they are attached to the standard standoffs) – this would be too dangerous, because the client could make a mistake and all elements could fall out from between 2 panels.

Do you konw any mounting kit/system which would allow me to achieve the above? I.e. 2 glass (or acrylic) panels are first put together tightly (on the table or on the floor), and only THEN mounted using standoffs?

I prepared a presentation picture (attached) of what I have in mind - a kind of threaded “male and female” bushes, fitting into each other, which would hold 2 panels tightly together and at the same time have a hole (diameter of about 13 mm) for the screw which passes through it into the standoff.


I would appreciate your advice. So far I have failed to find a solution by browsing the Internet. Maybe my English and Polish vocabularies are too poor to name the proper assembly system.

Greetings from chilly Gdynia in Poland,


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