Pre-stain wood conditioner, or sealer.

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Pre-stain wood conditioner, or sealer.

Post by Not your average framer » Fri 07 May, 2021 8:45 pm

Before I stain, or paint pine, I like to paint the pine with some thinned down water based emulsion and almost immediately wipe off the surplus and then apply the water based stain, or paint. This works quite well, but I was wondering if there is something else which I could use which would involve less fiddling around. I don't have any complaints about the results, I'm more interested in saving time.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received,


BTW, if anyone is thinking about trying my existing method, it usually works best with a paint colour close to the lighter colour in the grain of the pine, as this tends to tone down the effect of the grain showing through the stain. The grain is still there, but it looks like a nicer quality of wood.
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