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Post by spoink47 » Thu 15 Jul, 2021 9:09 am

Hi there,

I'm totally new to framing but have just bought some basic stuff (like a guillotine, underpinner, and mount cutter). I am eager to learn and hopefully become as experienced as you guys someday. In the meantime, I may be asking lots of daft questions. I am so pleased to find such a great forum and look forward to learning from and sharing with you all.


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Re: New member

Post by Not your average framer » Thu 15 Jul, 2021 9:17 am

Welcome Spoink47,

There no such thing as a daft question here, I you need to ask it, then it has relevence. Ask away! How else do we learn? I hope you will enjoy the forum!
Mark Lacey

“Life is short. Art long. Opportunity is fleeting. Experience treacherous. Judgement difficult.”
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David McCormack
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Post by David McCormack » Thu 15 Jul, 2021 9:38 am

Welcome to the forum Andy :D

As Mark says there is no such thing as a daft question when you are learning. Also have a look at the as you will find answers about suppliers etc. more relevant to you. But for advice from an experienced bunch of friendly folk you are in the right place, right here! :D
"You know, there's a right and wrong way to do everything!"
Oliver Hardy.

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Post by Romanf345 » Thu 15 Jul, 2021 1:41 pm

Welcome to the forum :D :D

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