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Version 8.44

Post by John » Thu 04 Jun, 2015 9:08 am

Email quotes and framing dockets
This is a little bit experimental at the moment. We have been using it in our own business for some time and find it to be a useful time saver, so sharing it with the wider EstLite community. If received favourably it can be featured more prominently in a future release. For now, provided the free version of Cute PDF is installed, control-clicking on the print or quote buttons will create the PDF of the framing docket and attach it to an email ready to be sent to your customer.

Give your customers a holiday aware completion date
You can now maintain a list of holidays to ensure that the Job Ready date does not fall on a holiday. In addition, the Job Ready date on the main screen will be highlighted in blue to alert the user that the turn-around time has been extended due to holiday closure. You can create or edit the holiday list by clicking on the Add Holidays button in the Options screen.

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