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EstLite Spreadsheet

Post by John » Fri 02 Nov, 2007 8:38 am

We have always used an Excel spreadsheet to analyse the raw data recorded by EstLite's Till function. It is invaluable at VAT time and end of year, and every week helps with reconciling recorded and actual takings, and with preparing the bank lodgement slip.

It is great for breaking out figures and comparing, say, picture sales versus framing, over a period of time.

Please note that this spreadsheet will be of no use to you unless you are using EstLite's till function to record your transactions.

It was not originally designed for third party use, and documentation is sparse (nonexistent?), but if you have a basic knowledge of spreadsheets you will probably master it easily enough.

It can be downloaded here as a zip file, and requires that Excel macros are enabled.

Euro Version here

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