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Version 8.64

PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:34 pm
by John
New Feature
  • Customer History Viewer available from the Customer Data screen.
    Clicking the View Customer History checkbox Opens a window that displays the current customer's total spend, and lists all jobs belonging to them, useful information that was previously only available from the History screen. On looking up a past customer it is an instant reminder of the date price and description of all of their past jobs.

  • Letter sized paper - now an option
  • Regional Settings - can now install on most computers throughout the world regardless of regional settings
  • Completion Date - no longer mandatory on printed dockets
  • Extras Button - Quantity parameter added
  • Duplicate Customer Removal tool - Greatly improved
  • Bar-code Scanner - Fixed the problem that occurred when Moulding No edit box had focus
  • Sending Texts - Feature now updated to include the latest security measures