Version 8.67 Run Second EstLite on Same Computer

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Version 8.67 Run Second EstLite on Same Computer

Post by John » Sat 02 Mar, 2019 11:49 am

A second copy of EstLite can be very useful as it allows you to deal with two customers simultaneously.

This ability really comes into its own when a second framing customer arrives when you are already dealing with someone who is taking a bit of time, either through having multiple jobs, or by indecisiveness. The second customer can now be attended without having to wait until the first's framing document has been printed.

If EstLite is active, you can open the second copy With the keyboard Alt-S or you can double-click on the EstLite desktop shortcut in the usual way.

The Customer/Job data from the second EstLite are recorded in the database in the usual way, and are not saved separately.

Also in Version 8.67 - importing customer list that has been created by an external application is now much improved.
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