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Version 7.66

Postby John » Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:46 pm

Version 7.66
When installing this update on a network, update both server and clients

  • Fixed - Till report bug that wouldn't allow previous dates to be selected.
  • 'Reuse Job' now re-uses the entire docket including Customer.
  • Create a user-defined list of fields, this allows you to export data of you choice to a CSV file ( which can be read by many thrid party applications, such as Excel and Access).
  • Create an email chop order to your suppliers, with PDF attachment, for jobs that have been highlighted as CHOP.
  • Backup/Restore to any network location, not just the local drive.
  • Fixed problem when SMS text contains an ampersand.
  • Added reference number to each till transaction.
  • Fixed - Delete button not removing some transactions from
  • Use default VAT rate when re-using jobs.
  • The current pending job is no longer erased when a job is previewed from the History screen.
  • Job Ready date can now also be set in the Details screen.
  • 64bit Windows 7 friendly (I think).
  • Discount now applies to all jobs in the docket instead of just the current job.
  • Moulding location now printed on docket.
  • Supplier's tables can no longer be downloaded automatically on start-up, still have automatic weekly and monthly though.
  • Bug fix - occasional locking when downloading mouldings
  • Bug fix - Quantity sometimes inserted when moulding added from supplier's list
  • Bug fix - When making a change to a till entry, alphanumeric characters now allowed in the Reference No. field, and .0 no longer appended
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