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Stephen Finney
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FATG (Fine Art Trade Guild)

Post by Stephen Finney » Thu 26 Nov, 2020 2:59 pm

Many of us have been or are members of the FATG. Many say “what do you get other than a magazine”?
Well, you get the use of the best marketing tool that a picture framer, artist or supplier can get. That’s the use of the world famous Guild Logo. Anybody that’s anybody in the Art world knows that Logo as a sign of quality. Lots of Jo public are also aware of it. You can use the Guild Logo on your paperwork, shop sign, calling cards and on any advertising.

Then of course you can take a world recognised framing examination....the GCF (Guild Certified Framer). The Guild also has Accredited Trainers to help you get the GCF certificate. There’s the Guild Study Guide specially written to help you pass the examination.
When you have the GCF certification you have access to another wonderful program called CPD (Continued Profesional Development). This enables you to stay up date with all the changes and updates in the framing world. It helps you become an extremely knowledgeable and better framer.
Also available after completing you GCF is the GCF advanced certification which elevates you to a much higher standard of framing.
Membership also offers you a helpline if or when you have a framing problem. A phone call or an email will put you in contact with a framing expert who will assist you or tell you where you can get help.
You can’t find a certain moulding, print or need the address of a conservator, again your Guild member will help as we have addresses for such people.

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