Larger Mouldings - Is R&H the only supplier?

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Larger Mouldings - Is R&H the only supplier?

Post by Foresty_Forest » Fri 24 Sep, 2021 10:11 am

I'm looking around for suppliers who stock larger mouldings? Is Rose and Hollis the only supplier that stocks larger sizes?


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Re: Larger Mouldings - Is R&H the only supplier?

Post by Not your average framer » Fri 24 Sep, 2021 1:56 pm

I'm not sure why you would be thinking this! Lots of companies produce large mouldings of one sort, or another, but Rose and Hollis do have a particularly impressive range of bare wood mouldings. It is a fact that there are occasions when obtaining the exact profile and size, in particular type of wood which you might want is not avalable. It's life each different supplier has their own plan for what they are going to include in the range of mouldings, which they intend to stock and this is a matter of commercial judgement.

There are ways around issues like this and some forum members like to use stacked mouldings to create larger profiles to suit particular requirements. Those of us who do this, don't necessarily do the same as each other, so there's no particular method which we all employ. Most of our individual methods will have evolved from something, but we are each individuals following are own separate ways. You will if you want to do something similar need to start somewhere and do your own thing to at least some degree.

Stacked mouldings is not exactly something which everyone is going to ike doing. You mostly need the type of mind which works along the right lines to make this work and not everybody has this, or wants to go to the extra bother to do things like this. I like to adapt some mouldings to enable them to be used in this way. Many of the mouldings which I used to use for stacked moulding combinations have becone discontinued along the way and that which was once an easier process, now means finding new ways of doing things.

This requires equipment and skills to make somethings possible and there's a lot of working thngs out to determine if some ideas will result in something which is capable of being whorthwhile and profitable to do. None of us are magicians and not everything is always possible, so please be aware to there will often be difficulties and limitations.
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