SUMUP Credit Card Reader

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Re: SUMUP Credit Card Reader

Postby DEEPJOY » Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:45 pm

At the moment both Sum up and iZettle are advertising the card readers for £19.00 + VAT.

You download the app on your phone or notebook / iPad and you are off.

iZettle each transaction will cot 1.75% and Sum up 1.69%. It may be that your money arrives in the bank a wee bit sooner with iZettle than Sum up.

I use Sum up and have had no problems, there is very little difference to these two competitors. iZettle will cost you a wee bit more, but it may have a few advantages down the line, like integration with accounting software (Xero).

How much and how many payments per month will you take? Sun up will save you 6p per £100. Which card readers look best from a design point of view. As mentioned above, for the extra 6p per hundred may be worth having the money in you bank a day earlier (if that is indeed the case)?
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Re: SUMUP Credit Card Reader

Postby Mark Thornton » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:19 am

Another thumbs up from me for iZettle, simple to use / cost effective and funds paid into your account within a couple of days.

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Re: SUMUP Credit Card Reader

Postby kuduframes » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:02 pm

iZettle variable rate plans
I've been using iZettle for a couple of years and have been happily paying 2.75% on each transaction until I noticed 1.75% in this thread.
I checked with iZettle and was advised you can opt for the lower fixed fee of 1.75% in the settings menu, now done ! but be careful this option is fixed at 1.75% for all transactions irrespective of your volume whereas the higher rate plan is a sliding scale and at some point will become cheaper, need to do the maths.
Also you cannot change back to the higher rate plan once you opt for the lower fixed rate plan.
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