Insurance for wooden building

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Insurance for wooden building

Post by pramsay13 » Thu 19 Jan, 2017 1:31 pm

Following on from a previous topic I'm going to be building a log cabin to use as a workshop but my current insurer won't insure a wooden building.
Do any of your framers use a wooden building and who are you insured with?

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Re: Insurance for wooden building

Post by prospero » Thu 19 Jan, 2017 2:29 pm

The building or the contents? Or both?

What's the worst that can happen? It can burn down. :? And if you take precautions you can reduce the risk.
Make sure the electrics are sound. If it's heated make sure you don't use appliances with naked elements or
wood burning stoves, etc. Don't do any welding in it. :roll: Pipe in the electricity though a separate circuit breaker.
Keep it tidy and don't allow heaps of shavings/sawdust to accumulate. Also, watch out for rags in bins which can
spontaneously combust.

What else? A tree might fall on it. A plane might crash on it. Aliens might abduct it. :shock:

So apart from fire risk it's fairly safe. Put some f-off locks on it and I'd say you could sleep easy.

Think of an arbitrary figure that you might have had to pay in insurance premiums. Every month put this amount in
a seperate bank account. In about ten years you will have enough to buy a new shed. :clap: :ninja:
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Re: Insurance for wooden building

Post by Jamesnkr » Thu 19 Jan, 2017 3:01 pm

What sort of insurance? For a business run within the building? Or just the building itself?

The NFU are often more helpful than most.

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