chop service for a local artist??

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The Common Framer
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chop service for a local artist??

Post by The Common Framer » Tue 13 Nov, 2018 1:52 pm


I have a local artist enquiring if I could provide a chop and join service for some bare timber moulding she would supply. she wants 20 frames 20 x 20 cm .

Not sure if I want to do this but I know she wont pay my supply and make rate. Do any of you do this and if so, how do you fix a charge?



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Re: chop service for a local artist??

Post by JFeig » Tue 13 Nov, 2018 2:04 pm

It's a slippery slope. Offer her finished frames at your regular rate with a quantity discount based on each orders volume.
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vintage frames
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Re: chop service for a local artist??

Post by vintage frames » Tue 13 Nov, 2018 2:26 pm

You've bought the Morso, you've also bought the underpinner. You've invested your time and money in your knowledge and experience. Your customer has none of these. She now has to buy access to all of these.
Charge your hourly rate and price in a handling charge.

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Re: chop service for a local artist??

Post by YPF » Tue 13 Nov, 2018 3:42 pm

You should also consider the wastage need need for damaged/warped moulding. Just because there might be enough moulding in length to make 3.5 frames you may only be able to make 2 good frames. Who takes the hit? All good advice already given.
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Re: chop service for a local artist??

Post by Not your average framer » Tue 13 Nov, 2018 9:11 pm

How busy are you? If you are already as busy as you want to be, it might be more hassle than it's worth. Be careful, artists are always after something for nothing. Also think about your reputation, if the wood is rubbish, so will be the finished frames - guess who will be be blamed for a negative outcome. Artists are unlikely to think that it's their fault for supplying rubbish wood and they could well say bad things to a lot of other people.

Unless you are desperate for the work, I would say stay clear of jobs like this. It's hard work getting a good reputation and it does not take much when it comes to negative comments to undo all that hard work. Too many possible risks for me!
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Re: chop service for a local artist??

Post by prospero » Wed 14 Nov, 2018 2:24 am

I don't mind supplying bare frames for people to do their thing on, but I would be very windy about chopping moulding that a customer
supplies. It's an unknown moulding that you haven't 'road tested' and non-framing people generally have unrealistic expectations. If they have
100ft they will work out on paper that it will yield say, 20 frames. When they get 14 they will think you are skimming some off. :roll:

I've done this in the past and invariably it's been a PITA. :|
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David McCormack
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Re: chop service for a local artist??

Post by David McCormack » Wed 14 Nov, 2018 10:22 am

Try taking a bag of spuds into your local fish 'n' chippy shop and see what sort of reaction you get when you ask them to peel them, cut them and cook them :giggle:

Offer a cut and join bare wood frame for them to finish how they want but only if you supply the moulding :D
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Re: chop service for a local artist??

Post by Jayvee » Wed 14 Nov, 2018 12:46 pm

Same advice as David really - although I wouldn’t suggest you use this approach - what if you said to the’ll buy some paint and canvas and can they Do the rest for a nominal fee per painting...

I was once asked to provide a quote for something similar for a double stacked frame with a PITA moulding on the outside which would mean a lot of waste!! Gave my labour costs minus moulding costs and was rather politely declined the job, as they only wanted to pay £2 per frame chopped and that was what they were paying before, but the guy they used previously had gone out of business....

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Re: chop service for a local artist??

Post by Rainbow » Wed 14 Nov, 2018 11:57 pm

Jayvee wrote: what if you said to the’ll buy some paint and canvas and can they Do the rest for a nominal fee per painting....
If we had a Lol-ometer, this would surely go straight to the top :lol:
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Re: chop service for a local artist??

Post by poliopete » Thu 15 Nov, 2018 8:08 am

I'm a little set in my ways in some areas including never turning down business. :D
And FWIW I will happily supply "rims only", glass, mounts and fittings etc but never using the customers moulding or glass :shock:

Just make sure you charge enough.

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Re: chop service for a local artist??

Post by Justintime » Wed 21 Nov, 2018 1:57 pm

Like poliopete, I supply an artist with kits ocassionally, which she hand finishes and assembles. Its easy work and she thinks she is saving.
Reusing their glass is another waste of time, unless its antique. It takes so long to clean like new and almost always has a scratch somewhere.
Best advice I've heard is the 80% acceptance 20% refusal rate.

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